Cloak of Altering – Manifestation


There are some pretty sick, disturbing and unsettling sounds in existence nowadays. I’m not claiming that Cloak of Altering are the worst, but this is so very close to an auditory nightmare. Cloak of Altering is yet another alter-ego of Gnaw their Tongues mastermind – Maurice de Jong, and Manifestation is right in alignment with the horror style portrayed on his recent endeavours.

Released on Crucial Blast Records, its very difficult to describe the chaos that ensues on this record. At times the anguish and horror collides with an industrial drench, while eery and spooky drones of death and doom to and fro between vocal samples depicting madness. The electronic element to the album is so intense, a slow decrepit drone of cruelty exists on each and every track, while there are moments of suspense and moments of revealing nightmares.

Black Metal is very prevalent in the guitar and drum structures, yet the vocal delivery is dynamic and inconsistent throughout, black metal, chaotic hardcore and brutal death metal gutturals are unleashed without warning on a regular basis. Satan is unearthed early on and visits quite frequently, there is no point describing particular tracks because all you need to know is that this is a deterioration into the depths of hell, a dark horror show of a nightmare that bashes on the door of your conscience.

There is nothing to compare this to, its the perfect backdrop to the chaos, violence and depravity of modern society. This is sick and I fear for the mental state of anyone that does not come away from this thinking otherwise.


Manifestation Track Listing:

1. Manifestation

2. 3.00348696261066

3. Stretching Infinity

4. Cave Systems Of The Outer Moons

5. Hidden Celestial Deity

6. Black Hole Cloaks

7. Parasitic Altering Sickness

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