The Iron Son-Enemy

Ever since he decided to leave Bleeding Through in 2012, it seems that ex-vocalist Brandan Schieppati has taken some time out of his own musical career to deal with demons. Stories concerning a fight with mental illness, a growing love for fitness and a newly found invigoration for emotionally hurling hatred through a microphone again has resulted in a new project, namely The Iron Son. Those who have been following the man on his facebook feed will undoubtedly know that past struggles have culminated in the raw production and songwriting for The Iron Son’s debut effort, “Enemy”, and the end result is, if not particularly enthralling, then certainly venomous and unrelenting.

“Enemy” is an album which seems to be over before you know it. 9 songs in 27 minutes feels like a bit of a rushed effort, but when you consider that Schieppati only ever wanted to unleash his own hell upon those who wished to listen to his inner demons spill out, it makes sense. It makes sense that from start to finish, the debut effort pulls no punches. Now there are a few flaws to be found which threatens a growing level of disinterest, or generally makes you want to return to Bleeding Through’s earlier years. The latter is more convincing, because virtually all of “Enemy” bears an uncanny resemblance to the majority of 2003’s “This is Love, This is Murderous”. The likes of opener ‘Worth Less’, ‘This World is Decay’ and the rigorous title track all present a strong balance between harmony and brutality-just like Bleeding Through had done a decade ago so effortlessly. That said, the only difference between The Iron Son and Schieppati’s past work is the inclusion of “guest” vocalist (though he offers clean vocals on virtually half of the songs here) Shannon Lucas, a great musician in his own way but whose efforts on “Enemy” can seem a tad strained.

Then again, it’s hard to notice such flaws if and when you hesistate to stop headbanging to the album’s fierce aforementioned highlights. The musicianship is undoubtedly talented and presents a band still at the height of their own youthful exuberance, even if the same can’t quite be said about Schieppati’s songwriting ethic. Nonetheless, “Enemy” is as powerful as any other metalcore debut you’ll hear throughout 2016, and it’s certainly a great statement of intent for Schieppati as he returns to the live stage later in the year.


Released: December 1st, 2015

  1. Worth Less
  2. Colder
  3. Unleash Hell
  4. This World is Decay
  5. Take No Shit
  6. Blood
  7. Enemy
  8. The Funeral
  9. Moral Messiah



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