Gorguts – Pleiades Dust


The House of Wisdom was an intellectual centre based in Baghdad during the 9th Century. Whilst holding the largest selection of books in the world at the time, the centre doubled as a meeting point for the worlds top scholars, coming together to share ideas, concepts, information and culture. Most of these early works forming the basis for most of the academic study today – that was until the Mongols threw all the books in the river during the siege of Baghdad. This was what inspired Gorguts to write a 33 minute track titled ‘Pleiades Dust’ set for release in April 2016.

Inspired by the work of Opeth and Porcupine Tree’s latest offering ‘The Incident’ Luc Lemay and co, began piecing together longer material after the release of Coloured Sands in 2013. One-track albums so often can result in tiresome repeated ideas that could have been achieved in half the time, or bands pretend to be more clever than they really are, and the result being a jumbled mess of mismatched ideas and inconsistent structures. Pleiades Dust does not make the same mistakes, it is a challenging listen, and requires multiple listens for the rewards to surface. Those rewards are so worth the wait; best listened to on some quality earphones, Pleiades Dust’s depth is remarkable and the songwriting is next level, which is not surprising for Gorguts, yet still a welcomed sight for Technical Death metal followers following a rather baron year for quality releases in 2015.

There are three distinct sections to the track, and within each passage, riffs, melodies and vocal arrangements repeat slightly, but only for fleeting moments. Pleiades Dust is linear, and that is how good concepts are displayed, its complex and deep and the listener will need to focus for the ideas and intricacies to float to the surface. But those moments do exist, and it’s worthwhile exploring. In terms of reference points, recent albums from Morbus Chron, Sulphur Aeon And Horrendous are in the same ball park. But Gorguts take their sound beyond, far beyond. The production is flawless, each instrument has its moment to shine and the vocals are well placed and never sound over powering. Atmosphere is very important when attempting something of this magnitude, and Gorguts hit it on the head, its unnerving, unsettling and downright sinister at times.

The most important aspect of Pleiades Dust is that it is interesting, the concept and the sounds draw you into Gorguts’ House of Wisdom, and you never want to leave.



1 – Pleiades Dust


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