Heiress – Made Wrong



Unity, togetherness, solidarity, connection and coherence are all synonyms of cohesion. When listening to Seattle’s Heiress, these aspects really shine through. A common misconception is that these elements should automatically exist for a band of musicians, however more often than not its blatantly obvious to hear musicians perform in a disjointed, uneven and inconsistent manner. Heiress are experienced musicians, hailing from bands such as HIMSA, Undertow and Harbringer, but with the added influence of master producer Matt Bayles (ISIS, Mastodon, Botch); Heiress’ third full length – Made Wrong is a journey through a juxtaposed world of fragility, strength, pain and calmness.

Frontman John Pettibone (ex-HIMSA) delivers a commanding performance, brimming with equal measures of emotion, anguish, sorrow and anger. Largely his style centres around the hardcore mould of vocal relief, yet moments of spoken word solidarity on the beginning of ‘Remains’ adds a nice flavour to the mix.

Matt Bayles influence is noticeable, the beginning section of ‘Remains’ Is right out of the Panopticon book of tricks, yet this is far from an ISIS clone. Yes, there are atmospheric sections coupled with louder dynamics, yet the hardcore influence of Pettibone flourishes at times over a doom outpouring of ‘Clearing’ and the Post Rock flourishes of the title track, this all sets Made Wrong on a trajectory made by Heiress alone. Elsewhere, ‘Cruel Calm’ is a churning ugly test of twists and turns that showcases the bands obvious song writing talent, and ‘Lasts’ provides a backbone of assembling suspense and power.

Made Wrong is not a release that will dramatically change the face of metal, the album could have used a few memorable hooks and the largely instrumental nine minute closer ‘Endure’ offers nothing more than the previous six tracks yielded. Overall, Made Wrong is an important release for Heiress, it’s a good album bordering on very good. Get your copy HERE



1 – Clearing

2 – Remains

3 – Lasts

4 – Skinning

5 – Made Wrong

6 – Cruel Calm

7 – Endure


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