Deftones – Gore


Deftones seem to excel during times of unrest. Throughout their eight album career the Sacramento band have been through so much: surviving the Nu-metal era, personal drug battles, label conflicts, the death of a founding member and ongoing internal creative conflicts. With the exception of Saturday Night Wrist, critical acclaim for everything they have laid down has been widespread. Gore, is yet another gradual shift in style, delving into some of the textural qualities of Saturday Night Wrist, but outclassing it with elegance and vigour.

Gore, sees the band release their first album since the death of bassist Chi Cheng, and you can really hear the influence that this has had on Chino in particular. Songs such as Hearts/Wires bleed delicate emotion, while ‘Doomed User’ outpours pure anguish on the back of Acid Hologram that mourns over a doom presence. Gore is a different beast, sonically it feels like an escape of sorts, it’s at times equally poignant and raw. The atmosphere is plentiful on tracks such as Prayers/Triangles and (L) Mirl , however this is not a sign of a band scaling down the heaviness and aggression, but Gore is heavy in a different way. The melodies and arrangements gradually take hold of you, while the moodier atmospheric moments caress the aggressive, raw and visceral sections creating a balance of texture and dynamics.

Conflict can be a positive element for some, fostering creativity and clearly it works for Deftones. Its refreshing to know that the band means so much to them all that it brings them to virtual blows in order to get the most out of each other. In the leadup to this record the grumblings of an unhappy Stephen Carpenter made for some interesting media, seemingly unhappy with the softer dynamics on some of the tracks. Somehow this tension works and the result is a rollercoaster of emotion, its atmospheric, powerful and weighted with beauty and ugliness. Gore makes you want to return, just to let that melody, groove or lyric settle in a little more. Another fine notch on the belt for Deftones in a remarkable career.



  1. Prayers/Triangles
  2. Acid Hologram
  3. Doomed User
  4. Geometric Headdress
  5. Hearts/Wires
  6. Pittura Infamante
  7. Xenon
  8. (L)MIRL
  9. Gore
  10. Phantom Bride
  11. Rubicon

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