Grave Miasma – Endless Pilgrimage

As 2016 slowly progresses, there seems to be a fitting trend amidst the more cutting edge underground acts of extreme metal. A trend which, if anything, seeks to convince as many people as possible that EPs are just as valued and highly respectable as full-length efforts. Wolvserpent returned to their doomy grimoire with “Aporia: Kala: Ananta”, Gorguts rose from the proverbial dead with “Pleiades’ Dust” and recently UK death metal purveyors Grave Miasma ensured their ascending journey from the underworld via “Endless Pilgrimage”.

Along with the aforementioned EPs, “Endless Pilgrimage” is simply an exercise in demonstrating how effective concise songwriting can be when it is limited to a short (er) running time, ensuring filler is virtually non-existent. Such is the case with all five tracks here. Not only that, but Grave Miasma have demonstrated a sign of maturity from the release of already impressive debut effort “Odori Sepulcrorum”. The songs here are very well-defined and stand out from one another immediately. The slower, sludgier likes of opener ‘Yama Transforms to the Afterlife’ and ‘Utterance of the foulest spirit’ strongly complement the EP’s shorter and snappier moments, in particular the blasts of explosive energy in ‘Purgative Circumvolution’ and ‘Glorification of the Impure’, the latter of which being a re-recording of a lost gem from the one of the band’s earlier demos. What hasn’t been eschewed however is Grave Miasma’s seemingly everlasting love for producing hellish, apocalyptic overtones to suit their choice of grim, blackened death metal sounds. What always seems to accompany the noise, and this is more than relevant for the EP’s highlight, ‘Utterance of the Foulest Spirit’, is that sense that you’re being pulled down at an accelerated towards the gaping maw of the underworld, a ffeling you can’t quite shake until the closing moments of ‘Full Moon Dawn’ have rolled to a complete halt. The rhythm section also does its very best to demonstrate a fresh and unhampered selection of concise albeit energetic performances, ensuring that because of songs like the explosive, almost jam-session styled ‘Glorification of the Impure’, “Endless Pilgrimage” will likely remain as one of Grave Miasma’s proudest releases.

Grave Miasma’s return to life after three years of no new material will certainly have worked an otherworldly menacing charm on whoever decides to listen, but more importantly is the feeling one gets from a mere 33 minutes of the band’s best material since they formed. What Grave Miasma have produced here is a collectively inspirational sound which, in the near future, will render them among the best death metal acts the UK has to offer.


Released: May 6th, 2016.

  1. Yama Transforms to the Afterlife
  2. Utterance of the Foulest Spirit
  3. Purgative Circumvolution
  4. Glorification of the Impure
  5. Full Moon Dawn




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