Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts


Birds appear on Katatonia’s two most recent albums; 2012’s Dead End Kings signs pointed to decay and death. Its follow up, The Fall of Hearts is visually as dismal and gloomy, but there is life, beauty and perhaps hope; all reflections of the music itself. Katatonia are one of the most consistent bands in modern metal, and The Fall of Hearts is yet another very strong addition.

The Fall of Hearts includes many of the elements that made Dead End Kings such a progression; piano, keyboards, layers of strings and plenty of atmosphere, but all of it delivered in with more confidence, maturity, elegance and class. Katatonia are experienced songwriters, they know how to structure a song and weave these elements together, rather than it sounding forced, as it did a little on Dead End Kings.

‘Takeover’ will go down as one of the best songs Katatonia has ever written, the vocal is so emotional, the phrasing works so well over the top of tribal drum layers, guitar sections that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tool record and constant shifts in pace and timing, all joined by keyboard atmospherics. ‘The Night Subscriber’ is the highlight of the albums second half, opening with a beautiful piano and string section; new drummer Daniel Moilanen driving the rhythm before an earthshattering near Meshuggah passage.

The Fall of Hearts is a very long album, at 72 minutes it will require some effort, but its not a challenging listen at all, its actually quite accessible. ‘Decima’ has a glorious string section and guitar part, showing that the work the band did on the acoustic album Dethroned & Uncrowned has contributed to the acoustic layering’s. Songs such as ‘Pale Flag’ and closing track ‘Wide Awake in Quietus’ can not be labelled filler, as they are still good songs, but not as strong as others, and given the album is so long they could have been included as bonus material.

Lyrically, The Fall of Hearts is as intriguing as it is poignant; painting such a majestic picture, there is a level of sadness in each and every word, a sense of isolation or perhaps desolation.


To have the beast untied

The coming of my ruin

Age tears the spine

And the devil inside

Comes back to escort me

You would be mistaken for attempting to describe the sounds on The Fall of Hearts as anything other than mesmerising. Katatonia have written one of the albums of their career.



1 – Takeover

2 – Serein

3 – Old Heart Falls

4 – Decima

5 – Sanction

6 – Residual

7 – Serac

8 – Last Song Before the Fade

9 – Shifts

10 – The Night Subscriber

11 – Pale Flag

12 – Passer

13 – Wide Awake in Quietus

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