Christina Grimmie: A reflection

A musical appreciation of a personality and what that means to the world of music…

One cannot help but feel obliged to tilt a hat of respect to a person who rose from an independent position to such a point of notoriety. Spending years sifting through heaps of DIY music and indie publishing, while basking in little moments in seeing little successes in honest, hardworking circles of musicians, hearing about the terrible murder of a person who once ran with said ranks deeply saddens and jades a music fan such myself. Firstly, the overall reason for this atrocity bears no conclusion or necessity, and it enrages and separates people (be it about gun laws or other deflective topics), missing the saddest point that a human being has been removed from our glance. Secondly, away from the condolences, would any of this have actually happened had Grimmie not achieved so much in terms of  a commercial rise. As a disclaimer, I am not post-prophesying that her stardom and online popularity warranted or motivated a shooting. Wackjobs and pyschopaths are available at any tier of human stardom, be it the well-groom barista that’s in it for your girlfriend or Charlize Theron when her face denies that she ever came from Benoni, South Africa. But one cannot help but wonder at the sphere one enters when a musician soars to fame beyond the endearing fanatic indie stages to the dangerous mob and flash outside of TV stations and sold-out theaters. However, all of this doesn’t really matter. What does matter is what Grimmie gave to us as fans and musicians alike.


Going back into Grimmie’s channel in its early days, the quality of videos, song choices, and bedroom karaoke note a really relatable person in terms of a sing-song, vlog personality. A lot of people would care to note her massive achievements as of late, but retroactively looking at her work, her song choice and singing, while pop-orientated and incredibly soft, is extremely enjoyable – even in the eyes of many a genre snob. Grimmie’s presence and importance in music is the motivation it gives to others.

I cannot truthfully empathize with the loss of Grimmie as my knowledge of her only extended to the suggestions of Google, but what I can reflect on is the beauty behind the personality which inspired so many. Grimmie has moved and touched people in light of recent events, and too many of those people are now and soon-to-be music lovers, who possibly would have never had the minerals to pursue their musical interests, had a teenager not uploaded camcorder, song covers. Without assuming that there were previous expectations or predictions of fame, her growth to stardom would have solidified such influence. The feeling given to us all that “even I can make music my life”.

Christina Grimmie, irrespective of your choice in Youtube personalities or music, was and is important to memory. It is just a pity that such a horrible occurrence had to trigger such necessary reflection.

Rest easy.

Now check out this smashing cover of Bruno Mar’s “Locked out of heaven”

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