Aerial – Foresight EP


I don’t whether you guys have noticed, but I’m kinda big on music. Sure I have a certain niche for metal but “metal” is becoming less of a niche and more of an expansive face in what most would consider mainstream media. How does one sector built on soaring melodies, longer track times and dual lead guitars remain relevant in coming years? The answer is pretty simple; it expands, grows and becomes something more…

Discovering new music has one major drawback, it’s hard to listen to it all, let alone critically anaylse every black metal, shoe-gaze hip hop and doom inspired grind band. But all we can do is try. The experience remains enjoyable and little surprises hit my inbox daily. Aerial became one of those surprises. A short little EP, a scenic artwork and a dynamic release littered with everything that’s right about the progressive metal scene.

‘Foresight’ is a refreshing display of (dare I say it) melodic based djent. Dissonant chords melt together with emotive screams and solid growls. Layered over a thick groove and melodic ringing notes. It’s easy to get lost in this eighteen minute EP. The disc’s opener, “The Ascent” is a fitting track, both setting the tone of Aerial’s music but also to tie in the artistic motif represented on the EP’s cover. The boys are climbing a mountain; it’s a cliche on where the state of the industry is these days but there’s huge potential in what’s blasting through the speakers. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Take the title track for example: “Foresight” brings all the band’s elements together in a fitting example of the band’s intentions. The dynamics change as ringing, half-shouted cleans enter the mix. They break apart the intense instrumental work that dominates the record and ultimately make ‘Foresight’ a much more enjoyable listening experience. Even the spacey atmospherics found in the EP’s bridging track, “Inspire” manage to break into thick riff work. Despite it being so short the completely instrumental track manages to be a highlight, while maintaining the rest of the music’s feel. It’s not just music for music’s sake.

Overall this little EP is one that is sure to see some repeated spin time even as I’m hammered with new releases. ‘Foresight’ is a fresh take on some already done formulas, making use of the band’s honest talent and a clean production. If this EP is anything to go by, I can’t wait to hear a full-length.


Markus Johnsen – Vocals

Peter Fredén – Guitar

Josef Fredén – Bass

Mathias Corneliussen – Drums

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