Living Life, Drinking Beer: PurEnvY

The Australian underground metal scene is thriving. Amongst each genre there are some exciting bands pushing the boundaries. One of those is a group of musicians out of Newcastle; this industrial New South Wales city is a breeding ground for artists, the region is historically very supportive of the culture that allowed bands such as Screaming Jets and Silverchair to become household names. It just takes one to break through with the right mix of personality, talent, songs and a bit of luck. We recently had a chat to one such band – PurEnvY. Nestled nicely in the realm of early Metallica, Trivium and Iced Earth, PurEnvY will release album number two later this year, not only do the guys have that lovely sarcastic and dry Aussie sense of humour, but with a work ethic this strong, they are positioned well to do whatever they please.

purenvy live sjot

How was the Bangers & Thrash show guys? That line-up looked super impressive and loud.

Dave Lewsam (Bass): Really enjoyed it. The quality of the bands was extremely high. We met a few bands we’d not seen before and were really impressed. It reinforced how much talent there is at a local level in the Australian metal scene.

dave purenvy

Does an event like that, full of local underground bands feel like a big party?

DL: Yeah, in a way. Everyone was having a great time, the crowd was into it. The best part was that there were no huge egos or competitiveness between the bands. Everyone we met were genuinely down to Earth people- we made a few new friends.

Other than the beer, what’s the best thing about these sorts of events?

DL: Seeing new bands, making contacts. Being able to show off your band to new punters. That’s the main thing- just letting people know that you, as a band, exist.

Speaking of beer, what’s your favourite Australian amber drop?

DL: Cascade and Boags.

Adam, Josip, Zac: One fifty lashes for days, James Squire.

purenvy beer time

Gotta love those Tassie Brews!, Newcastle has a pretty rich musical history, common exports such as Silverchair and the Screaming Jets, but a huge array of underground bands especially in punk and hardcore. Growing up, were you aware of this and do you think it played a role in your artistic output?

DL: – I started playing in the 80’s, so I was probably part of it. There’s always been a strong underground metal scene, but often hampered by lack of venues etc. There was always a really good cross over between the punk, metal, ska and skinhead bands. There still is, you’ve just got to dig a bit.

Adam, Josip, Zac: – We were aware of those great bands and we appreciated their music. Seeing as though we weren’t a part of those scenes and our influences stemming from the heavier side of the spectrum we believe that it hasn’t impacted our artistic output.

 How long have you all been making music together?

DL: – Since 1427.

Adam, Josip, Zac: – Going on 5 years.

Your sound has a traditional thrash base, but there are some surprises thrown in there. I see comparisons to the Ascendancy era Trivium and early Metallica. How would you describe your sound to readers that may be fucking ignorant enough to have never heard of you.

DL: We try to get intensity + melody happening, plus we all like to play fast. We have quite different backgrounds in terms of musical influences, so we can draw on a range of styles. It creates a sound which is recognisable, but still manages to sound like ourselves, rather than just cloning another band or style.

Adam, Josip, Zac: Old school vibe with a modern melodic feel. Drawing influences from Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Iced earth and trivium. Incorporating all of these influences to create our own sound. Thrashy, groovy, melody driven, and harmonised vocals.

So when’s the album dropping guys, 2012 is a long time between drinks.

DL: We’re aiming for a pre-Christmas release. It’s a slow process, but we want to get it right rather than get it quickly.

Any significant sonic shifts in that time?

DL: It will be very different to the first album. Way less cowbell. Our live set now is very representative of what we want on the album.

Adam, Josip, Zac:  Yes!! heavier, faster, louder. For those that are familiar with our debut release, our 2nd album will be sure to impress. We have been playing the new songs live for around 6 months now and the reaction to them so far has been amazing.

Other than the album, what else does 2016 have in store for PurEnvY?

DL: Hopefully gigs, gigs, gigs. We’re looking to show as many people as possible what we’re about. We have plans for a video later this year, and we’re looking to link up with a few touring bands along the way.

Adam, Josip, Zac:  East Coast run with Kold creature from Qld, refurbished website, couple of singles which will be supported by videos.

DL: Josip is planning gender reassignment surgery in November.

Check out the bands Facebook page and be sure to watch out for album number two in late 2016.

*The Sonic Sensory takes no credit for the photography, images belong to the photographer Amplify

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