Netherbird drop new single “Windwards”

Netherbird are returning and are set for rebirth with their upcoming album The Greater Voyage, coming October this year. Having just released two singles, titled Windwards as a taste for the pre-order, I couldn’t help but dust-off the ol’wolf skin and hike up the air conditioner to minus frost. If this is just an introduction to the album, the gravity of Netherbird’s release will, without a doubt, be as heavy as hell.


Starting with the first track, it is seriously an exciting experience being blasted by “Windwards” epic atmosphere, which can be described as an ocean’s swaying swells drowning all that attempt a venture. The guitar work sticking to a more traditional sense of scale work, it’s retroactive feel is welcome. Moving on, Johan Fridell’s vocal performance on both songssits perfectly behind the instrumentation in the mix. His rasp rhythmically matching the march-like tone in both tracks, it is nice once again here a partnership between band and voice, instead of the expected “make it work with the track” habit.

As a first timer to the outfit, you cannot help but grin in discovery, as well as at the craft these guys have undoubtedly mastered. Scrap the genre-tag and enjoy a production taste that relives the glory days, where the word ‘sample’ is an instant slap with the kvlt glove. It’s pure, it’s hallowing, and it’s damn beautiful. I for one, am excited to embarked whatever voyage Netherbird wants to take us on, come October.

You can pre-order Windwards here:

The album features Fredrick Widigs (Marduk, Nordjevel, Ex-Demonical) on drums, with mastering handled by Sverker Widgren (who has worked with October Tide, IXXI, Diabolical etc).

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