Murderworld – Dial M For Murder(World)

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MurderWorld prove that not all wheels need reinventing. Nor do they need to highlight a sense of individuality within a set in stone genre-pool. ‘Dial M For Murder(World)’ is a testament to the thrash giants that rocked an industry decades ago and even to this day. Why swap out a triangle shaped wheel for a square when the circle works just fine for moving things forwards? Called “the affordable slayer experience” (a second hand comment from one of the band members themselves), MurderWorld offer everything you want to hear from the ‘Big 4’ in one Sydney grown thrash album.

Blast beats, half time feels, double time feels and riffs you swear came straight from Metallica’s “Black” album, combined with the infernal Slayer vibe and snarled, half-shouted vocals make this album daringly similar to the pioneers that shaped a genre, but a few tracks in you decide that it’s the exact reason why you would listen to MurderWorld’s 2016 effort again and again. Sure the classics never quite grow old, but if you wanted to pay homage to the swirling and ever expanding pool of talent coming out of Australia, ‘Dial M For Murder(World)’ should tick all the right boxes when it comes to not so modern day thrash metal. It’s already been said; these guys aren’t going for “new” or “innovative” when it comes to their songwriting. Instead, the boys from Sydney highlight the socio-political views that only keep half the population awake at night, while the others sleep ignorant of how convoluted this world has become.

Take note of the bands leading single (video embedded below), “Infected” and how it shows the world like a flip of the coin. The rich burn money in their smoking dens while poor factory workers sew clothes while their malnourished children lie on the floor unable to help themselves. Humanity has become a beast, catering only to it’s own self-interests without seeing the bigger picture. Modern mainstream idolizes the Kardashian clan while third world countries struggle to find food, work or even living space. Murderworld are identifying a rotting planet, showcasing that humans are a disease. The imagery created in just one track identifies that while this music brings the best influences from pioneering bands, we have a bigger issue to think about. MurderWorld may not have even identified just how much tracks like “Infected” strike a chord with the people who care. For MurderWorld, it becomes an instant highlightable track for the new record.

Overall I find it hard to justify a higher score for the Sydney thrashers, but they should be proud. For what is a solid album with solid musicianship, the semi-copycat nature of their thrash leaves me wanting more. Despite the confronting nature of the themes they present throughout their record, there are some features that rub me personally the wrong way. Some minor timing issues within transitional sections of tracks and the overbearing presence of double bass triggers (a personal beef, but seriously dudes bass is bass – not a click) otherwise mars a great album. Let’s face it, if this was released twenty years ago, the metal community would lose their minds. Maybe thrash has just run its natural course, maybe it’s waiting for that much needed revolution. I just know MurderWorld will be there when it happens.


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