Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us

“If you’re looking for the best 2016 has to offer, it’s going to be fucking difficult to top this one.”


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I used to complain they never made albums “heavy” enough… that’s used to. Nails have sure made an impact over the course of the last few years, now with three albums under their belts (‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ being the band’s longest at a staggering twenty-one minutes) and it’s no wonder just why Nails are turning so many heads in the extreme metal world. ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ is a downright ambitious, albeit brief slab of frenzied aggression perfectly practised in its brutality, almost perfect in its own creation. If you’re looking for the best 2016 has to offer, it’s going to be fucking difficult to top this one.

As a relatively new fan to Nails approach to sonic chaos, the group’s sophomore piece blew me away. ‘Abandon All Life’ was a captivating, flesh ripping experience forced into a short record unmatched by most “extreme” acts of 2013 and as things turn out a maturing Nails focuses that signature sound into an album worthy of “album of the year” praise (it is only June so we’ll wait a few months before making that call). For most mainstream listeners, this album is proof of how “soft” they really are. Let the pummeling begin, desensitize the senses and the pure beauty in Nails’ violent approach makes all the “soft” disappear. For those new to the Nails’ party, ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ identifies as your coming of age. This is the musical equivalent of your losing your virginity…roughly.

This is pit music; the infectious beats pummel in a manner that makes you raise your fist. Vent your frustration out on the world and give zero fucks as you do it. Whatever you take away from this record, you know it was satisfying from start to finish. The sheer amount of energy found within these twenty one minutes of frenzied deathened grind. The hardcore aesthetics remain, but it’s so much better this way.

As a whole, Nails’ 2016 opus (yes, twenty one minutes and still an opus) is full of highlights. From the feedback laced title track to the absolute sonic nightmare to follow. As a reviewer I can’t identify a single highlight; each and every track is worth the mention. Put this album on repeat and feel the hatred push through your speakers. Play this in the car and blast the oldies sitting next to you at the red light. Watch them find the groove and give you the bird as they speed away from you. Nails don’t play nice. ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ doesn’t play nice. Even with an eight minute plus monolith closing the album, the record never drags (one of the main joys of short full-lengths). “They Come Crawling Back” is a splintering slab of raw awesomeness, showcasing Nails can write songs longer than a couple of minutes. Groove is always present, combining the aggression, song-writing, theme and hook into a display of cohesive talent. Naturally music like this isn’t for everybody, but for those who fall instantly in love with ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ it will be an album you’ll play for years.


Official Video for: “You Will Never Be One Of Us”

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