Perihelion on “Hold” (INTERVIEW)

So for us new comers to the Perihelion, give us a bit of background to the group. How did it all start and where is it going?

We started out in 2014 under our current bandname, but we had existed as a band even before that, making albums since 2001. However, when we released our third album entitled “Perihelion” in 2012, we started to feel that we needed a major change as the band’s style and overall musical approach changed so much since the beginning that we wanted to sort of start with a clean slate. Since the music on the album “Perihelion” was the first real manifestation of our new era, we decided to change the bandname to Perihelion. As per your question about where the band is going, all I can say that we really enjoy making this music and being in this band, so as long as we have the inspiration, we’ll keep on putting it into a musical form.

Seeing that the response for your video “Feneketlen” has been amazing, how do you think the response to Hold has been?

It seems to me that it is a bit more difficult to get an EP through to people than an album. Even though most responses and reactions to the EP were amazing, I still think that it could gain more attention.

Considering the album has been out for a few weeks now, how have you guys gone about promoting Hold?

The promotion is basically our label’s duty and we all think they do a real good job, especially given the fact that we are not a well-known band internationally. For example, we were happy to learn that Legacy picked Hold as one of the CDs to send out to their new subscribers all around the globe.

Now, starting with the artwork; what is the story behind Costin Chioreanu’s work on the first visual impression of Hold?

It is always great to work with Costin as he is very receptive to ideas and he can easily adapt himself to a sketch or a well circumscribed concept. This was the case with both our latest full-length “Zeng” and our new EP. The cover image of Hold was basically my idea, I even sent him a very basic sketch and he did a marvellous job, I can say this is my favourite cover of all our releases. Hold means “Moon” in Hungarian and, as you know, the Moon represents the feminine principle, which has some ties with the lyrical concept of the EP.
Perihelion - hold_zpse30xuuxx.jpg

When I first glanced at the album art, and considering I’m fairly new to your guys’ music, I got a very ethereal feel to the music. Am I a bit mad in seeing that?

You are absolutely right. Even though we never struggle to achieve this ethereal feel.

So tell us about the concept and writing process behind Hold.

Hold came literally as an inspirational overdose. We were preparing to record an EP and already wrote two songs. However, they were never recorded as I got this totally overwhelming inspirational kick and wrote these three new songs in only one or two days, including the lyrics. This was the first time when I literally felt that I was only a vessel the so-called inspiration which just wanted itself to be heard and sort of materialised in the form of music. I feel honoured to have had this sensational feeling of just sitting down and getting up two hours later with a complete new song.

Another incredible point to note is that the EP has an amazing production style and quality. Self-recorded?

We always record and produce our releases on our own. However, this time we recorded the drums in a local studio, mostly because we did not want the hassle with setting up the recording gear and micing up the drumset. In addition, we wanted to test how we can work with drums recorded at a more professional place. The rest was produced by us.

Starting on Feneketlen, it really throws a whirlwind of emotion, right from the start. What is the story behind it, and why was it elected as the start to the EP as well as the lead single?

We just think this is the catchiest song at it is only around 3 minutes long. The video was shot by a Hungarian guy, Norbert Porkolab of Bad Moon Films. He is among the very few extremely gifted guys in this country who make videos for bands, so we are very lucky to have been able to work with him. Right from the beginning, we wanted him to come up with a concept instead of us telling him what to build the video around. Luckily, he was totally inspired by the song and quickly came up with a lot of scenes. Therefore, in a way, the inspiration that I got when composing this song really lived on.

And what is the lyrical focus of Feneketlen, for all us lazy English speakers?

The song title means “bottomless” in Hungarian. Even though the lyrics are abstract as always, the song is about the unpredictable grip of bottomless emotions.

Szárnyakon continues that emotional torment, but with a little more urgency. Being a lot more explosive and straight to point, where does this song take us?

Musically it is definitely a heavier song and the lyrics on this one are definitely the most abstract. The song title translates as “on wings” and it very well describes the ethereal floating which the lyrics are about.

Finally, the title track, Hold, exhibits a beautiful growing process from light to dark, building and building to sign off the flurry from before. What is the title track about?

In addition to the fact that it is a rather personal piece, this song represents an introverted battle of stirring emotions.

And what about that Twin Peaks cover? Quite a beautiful ride to end the EP off with.

Most of us praise this series, so it was not difficult for the others to identify with the idea of covering “Sycamore trees”. I remember that I was watching the series like I did many times before and when the last episode was on, it just clicked in that it would be so great to cover this song.

So what comes next for Perihelion? As a collective, what are your plans.

We are already working on new songs, and I have lots of new musical ideas. We hope to release a new album in 2017.

Get hold of Hold here

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