Meshuggah are ‘Born In Dissonance’

It’s that time again when all the metalheads out there start pulling those weird faces for any talk of new Meshuggah music is sure to fill the blackened hearts of fans with glee and create a hype train like no other. Meshuggah’s new track, off the upcoming ‘The Violent Sleep Of Reason’ is sure to maintain the band’s melenial fan base with its rhythmic onslaught of back breaking riffs, devastatingly pounded vocal passages and well… all the gear that makes us love Meshuggah.

You can check out the track here:

Be sure to tell us what you think while you pre-order this bad boy (via Nuclear Blast) below:

Pre-order The Violent Sleep Of Reason before its October 7 here:

Nuclear Blast Online

Tomas Haake comments on the album:
“Basically, the whole idea of why we chose the title is it kinda connects with the lyrical content of the album. Which is to a fair degree about current events and what you see is going on as far as terrorism today, extremist views on ideals, and religious dogma and the violent implications that you get from being asleep so to speak and not acting/reacting to what is going on in the proper way”

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2 Comments on Meshuggah are ‘Born In Dissonance’

  1. Trevor Schneider // August 26, 2016 at 11:53 AM // Reply

    Song rules. Hoping this will be better than Koloss, which was a bit inconsistent.


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