Mutiny Within: On The Return

…we’re just focusing on doing our music the way that we want to with no restraints…

 I’ve always been a fan of the musical wheelhouse that is Mutiny Within. Whether you’ve heard a track or two off the debut released off Roadrunner Records or even the self-released music afterwards it’s all to the point to just how commited this UK act is to writing the music they want to write. Seeing the band posting production clips online got me thinking though; What are the lads up to? This is album number three. Why are we seeing so much of the “behind the scenes” even though a release date hasn’t been announced? Well, tere’s no better way to get the answers than ask the guys behind the music.

What brought Mutiny Within back to writing new music? How well has the recording been going so far?

I think the main reason is we just all missed working together and making music. Most people have heard the story of how our label days came to an end and I think we all put so much into the band trying to make it work that we just ran out of steam. Upon reflection I think some downtime was what we needed to get back to basics. It’s easy to see a band in a career based way when you’re on a label. There’s constant pressure and targets you have to hit and you feel you have to prove yourself all the time. We’ve come back together and found that excitement we had when we first started making music. It was just about making music and doing what we love and now it is again. No labels, no expectations, just us doing what we do the best way we can. I think anybody can be disheartened when you put 110% into something, you give up almost everything in your life to make it work and then it falls apart. Our personal relationships with each other were strained and it’s taken a while for us to let go of the past and shed the negativity that we were unfortunately swamped with.
*For those not in the “know” here; Mutiny Within got picked up by a division of Warner Music and major metal label, Roadrunner Records and while this generally remains behind closed doors Mutiny Witin’s future came into doubt when their “debut didn’t meet label demands” in terms of sales. Metal Injection covered it quite well – you can read that here.
Moving on…

You guys are very open about your new music, there’s constant samples, teasers and song snippets posted every other day from the Official Mutiny Within Facebook page. How important is it for you guys to share this while most other bands would keep this all locked away?

We have nothing to hide at this point really. If people are interested in supporting us and buying the album when it comes out then they will. We feel confident that our music is good enough to not put people off and with no labels involved there’s no secrets so we’re doing everything our way and we’re choosing to involve the people that enjoy our music as much as we can right now. Our fanbase is almost entirely focused on our Facebook page at the moment so it’s really great to be able to put things on there and share things. Without everyone that supports us there would be no band and no listeners so they’re as much a part of this as we are. In hindsight we may have started putting things online a bit early as people are ready for the release but it’s still not finished. It will be worth it thought. 


How has the public perception been for the new album? How are people reacting to the news that Mutiny Within are actively working to write/record new material?

We’ve had some really positive feedback from the clips we’ve put out. People are expecting a lot but, equally, we’re expecting to deliver a lot. It will take time for us to reach all our fanbase as I’m sure there’s people on our page who haven’t even heard we’re working on new music yet. We’ve had so many people wanting us to play shows, festivals all over the world but it’s going to take time to get back to that stage. We’re starting from the ground up again, but this time we’re doing it in a way where we can build something solid rather than something that could fall apart at any minute.  

What’s new this time around? Or is there some things you’d like to leave a surprise until release day?

We’re using sounds and programs that we’ve never used before. The production has definitely gone up a level. The songs are bigger as a result. We’re excited about the product because it really is a collaborative effort, and using all of this new technology is helping us explore new possibilities. I think you’ll hear that in the music. We’ve always focused on our songwriting and playing abilities but enhancing the production side of things has really given a new depth to our sound.

What are the chances of seeing a featuring musician/vocalist from another band on a new track? Given the opportunity, who would you ask?

We currently have 3 guest spots on the album 🙂 We can’t reveal yet who we are featuring but all are respected musicians from metal bands that influenced us. It’s an honor that they said yes.

What can you tell us about the new music, the recording or even the cover art?

Bill Fore – The new music, and I believe I can speak for all of us, has been proving to be more fun than it has stressful. Recording is always hard work, but with each of us recording on our own time, maybe even a day or two on a weekend, makes for a far less stressful atmosphere. Our first album was incredibly fun to record don’t get me wrong, but now since we’ve been making our music on our own time, and moreover for ourselves and fans rather than a label, the process has been extremely streamlined. We no longer are living in a studio for months at a time, away from friends, family, etc., and that really resonates it’s way into the music we are making. We are making the music we want to make. The cover art for this particular album stemmed from the idea that this release, initially, may have only been a short EP with some old demos people have never heard, which gave me the idea of going back to our origins. Following that theme, I developed, in my opinion, our best, most detailed album cover to date and one of my favorite pieces I’ve done; which had about 5 total scrap/recreations and took about 2 years for me to be completely satisfied with. 
 mutiny within synchronicity album art

Your last album was publically “non-label” released. Is this going to continue and how is working independent affecting you guys as musicians and collectively as a group?

This will continue yes. At the moment we can’t just drop our lives and go on the road for zero income because a label has asked us too. Plus we work really hard on our music and we don’t want people telling us what we can and can’t do, and taking away our income. We’re hoping that we can gradually build up and fund ourselves in the same way a label would. Set a new way to approach the industry in a modern age. Labels have their uses, but we feel we’re making the best album of our lives here and we’re doing it because it feels right and there are not restrictions, deadlines, funding limits and pressure. We’ve been approached by some big labels since we started releasing clips of our music but we’ve declined to talk to them all.
mutiny within bandcamp banner

How are you planning to promote this release? Local or international tours perhaps? Who will host the sales platform? (Bandcamp, iTunes etc)

We’re doing everything ourselves just more structured and organised than with Synchronicity. We just put that album out because we wanted to share the music we had. This album is the start of a new phase of the group and we’re actively trying to build ourselves into a much larger outfit publicly. I doubt there will be any tours off the back of this particular release but as I’ve just said, this is the start of a comeback so this will set the wheels in motion and hopefully we’ll get back on the road in the near future. It all comes down to the support we get and if people want to see us. It will be released on all major music outlets digitally, and on CD through our webstore (which hasn’t been made yet.. *makes a note*)

What do you guys do in between recording? What’s the recovery process like between takes?

This is one of the great things about working the way we’re working. We all have jobs and commitments outside of the band so unlike album 1 where we spent 16 months or so writing the album, then collectively 4 months in the studio, we just have to work around our commitments. This means that vocally I will only do one track in a given day. And quite probably only one track every week or 2 so the recovery process doesn’t really have to be factored in. We just work really intensely when we have free time then have to get back to the daily slog.

Any songs you guys would like to cover as part of a bonus edition of the album?

We haven’t really discussed the idea of doing a cover. Maybe it’d be cool to do an EP of covers at some point who knows? Right now we’re just focusing on doing our music the way that we want to with no restraints. If we want to do a full on black metal section followed by something that’s borderline pop rock then we do it. Whatever works for the song.
So no bonus covers at this point. I guess it’s expected; the album is still very much in it’s early days. But jump on the Bandcamp link below and give the band’s sophomore a spin. It should hold you for a few days while you wait for more Mutiny Within updates.
mutiny within logo
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  1. Super excited missed you guys! almost saw you with Nevermore on there tour like 6 or 7 years ago then you guys fell off the map I was disappointed to say the least but I loved you second album and cant wait to here your third! Any plans on touring after the release of your third album? If so please come to San Diego!


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