Unfathomable Ruination – Finitude

Of all the musical fads and hypes to have graced music over the last few decades very little have stayed the path as the death metal genre. Endless growls, fast riffs and the typical bass drum and snare wankery have accumulated into more modern renditions of its own being, shaping only where it needs to and never bowing to a conformity of an industry so swept up in defining itself. Unfathomable Ruination fit the bill. Blending equal measures of Ulcerate, Portal, Death and Suffocation it’s no wonder why the group’s 2016 offering, ‘Finitude’ smashes and grinds away the year’s competition (although it’s a fair point to mention that the year is far from over). Take death metal how it is, because when it’s this good, Unfathomable Ruination leave no room for argument.

On a personal level I find the atmospheric brand of death metal more palatable than the acts that fill their albums with nuanced trend setting. ‘Finitude’ is a mix of all the great things death metal can actually offer modern music. Simply put, it’s heavy, fast and has enough of that (Ulcerate-inspired) atmosphere to deny most misgivings I would have with an album like this. The guys from Unfathomable Ruination do their work justice by blending their own signature sound into the stereotypical soundscapes that fans love everywhere.

‘Finitude’ leaves the listener with a host of listening options; at the record’s core the outright veracity of the band’s rhytmic base leaves nothing on the shelf. One listen to “The Ephemeral Equation” is enough to last most die-hard death fans with head-banged induced nose bleeds. The sheer tempo of the track outweighs any need to temp a more melodius approach. In fact it’s easier to say that “melody” just isn’t needed here. The combination of groove thrown into tech-death semblance just dismisses the notion that there needs to be an underlying theme of notes. Unfathomable Ruination have made it clear; it’s all in the riff baby. That isn’t to say that these guys can’t string a few notes together. Take “Neutralizer” for example: A short solo spray of notes meets one of the year’s best grooves and culminates into a downright infectious death metal track. The tempo becomes frenetic in places, backed by the virtuosity of all three string swingers. The build up between section only adds to the album’s overall replay values for Unfathomable Ruination there’s no hopping aboard a hype train – just straight up and down death.


Unfathomable Ruination is:

Ben Wright- Vocals
Daniel Herrera- Guitars
Ross Piazza- Guitars
Federico Benini- Bass
Doug Anderson- Drums

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