King Parrot – Ugly Produce

King Parrot garnered attention from metal fans worldwide even before releasing a debut full-length was an idea. Frequent gigs in as many countries as they could travel with some of the most well-known names in the world of grindcore and death metal may have helped the young Aussie upstarts make a name for themselves in the circuit, but arguably the best thing they did for their career was spend a couple of nights with Phil Anselmo, who himself admits that King Parrot are one of the most enjoyable live bands of their caliber in the world. All the visceral energy and consistent aggression was merely reflected in the band’s debut, not necessarily accelerated, but it did solidify the band’s presence in the world of grindcore.


The latter third of 2017 sees the surprising release of the band’s sophomore effort, Ugly Produce, the release date of which hadn’t even been announced until literally a month ago. The album is a 26-minute onslaught of even more depraved and erratic delivery from each member of the band, songs such as “Piss Wreck” and “Ten Pounds of shit in a Five Pound Bag” only extending King Parrot’s penchant for some of the craziest sounds ever to emanate from a grindcore record. Not much has changed in terms of songwriting, but it is clear that the band, as a collective, have tightened up their individual energetic performances and decided to harness more memorable riffs. It doesn’t always work, thanks to the somewhat scatterbrained approach of, well, “Entrapment” and the simply ludicrous “All Hail the Grub” (humorous to the right audience however), but elsewhere this new attention to detail is a positive boon. Just listen to how crunchy “Scattered” is, with its numerous hooks offering something solid for the listener to headbang to, or the darker-tinged “Die Before You Die”, a song which probably displays the closest King Parrot have come to writing a full-fledged death metal style.


Ugly Produce may still not be long enough to truly show King Parrot’s growing maturity, but it does detail baby steps to something even greater and more controlled. Whether controlled aggression is what you want from a band as naturally erratic as King Parrot is up to you, but for now it’s a simple fact that music as intensely aggressive as this is the order of the day for the band, and they really don’t need to make any changes on that front. After all, they fare even better live than they do on record, and that’s not a common myth.


Released: 22nd September, 2017


  1. Entrapment
  2. Piss Wreck
  3. Disgrace Yourself
  4. All Hail the Grub
  5. Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag
  6. Scattered
  7. Now It Strokes Frenzy
  8. Numb Skull
  9. Die Before You Die
  10. Spookin’ the Animals




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