Watain – Trident Wolfe Eclipse

With 2013’s The Wild Hunt, Watain recognized their appeal as a band ready to challenge more versatile songwriting and brave new worlds whilst still retaining that buzzsaw, menacing black metal sound they had refined since day one. It was a breath of fresh air that, thanks to the many challenging songs on that album, brought in new fans whilst giving further reason for the devotess to stick around. How very different the outcome will be for this year’s Trident Wolf Eclipse, which sees Watain return to their blood-drenched roots.


Trident Wolf Eclipse is full of aggression and convincing performances all round, that’s for sure. “Nuclear Alchemy”, “Teufelsreich” and “A Throne Below” present a real ride through some of the band’s most ferocious riffs and Daniel Erlandsson’s vocal delivery is on point considering this style of black metal. However, it doesn’t take too long for the album to present its main flaw-that there’s simply no core or outstanding memorable moments to be found. Exceptions to the rule are there, but they aren’t made ambitious or indeed important enough to render the weaker songs of Trident Wolf Eclipse unimportant. That said, it’s thankful that songs such as “A Throne Below” attempt a more ambitious slant on the band’s usual onslaught of simplistic black metal. Elsewhere, it’s hard to find anything that challenges the band’s otherwise familiar delivery, and what we’re left with is an album proving just as inconsistent as it is furious.

Perhaps Watain thought that The Wild Hunt was a step too far in the other direction, because that’s certainly the impression given when listening to Trident Wolf Eclipse. However, this now seems a step too far backwards, as the album starts to become stale even at the start of the third track. As said earlier, a lot of these songs are performed with conviction and the band members certainly waste no time in delivering the goods, but these goods aren’t so much fresh as they have already been trodden into the ground. All in all, it’s a Watain album that renders itself no more interesting than the band’s demo days.


Released: 5th January 2018

  1. Nuclear Alchemy
  2. Sacred Damnation
  3. Teufelsreich
  4. Furor Diabolicus
  5. A Throne Below
  6. Ultra (Pandemoniac)
  7. Towards the Sanctuary
  8. The Fire of Power
  9. Antikrists Mirakel




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