Angra – Ømni

Ever since gaining Fabio Lione as vocalist and losing Kiko Loureiro to Megadeth, Brazilian power metal legends Angra seem to have declined in terms of popularity. Perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing, considering the band only ever had what is regarded by many as a cult following. Yet as every single person from that cult following will tell you, Angra have proven time and again to be one of power metal’s more forward-thinking groups, even if not necessarily the easiest to get.


Putting recent line-up changes aside, it’s actually easier than you’d think to get into an Angra album in 2018. This year sees the release of Ømni, an album which sees Fabio Lione stepping up his role and rendering the band’s usually bombastic, charming metal style thoroughly creative and without hesitation. Yet somehow the band seem to be focussing most of their efforts on more straightforward compositions, songs such as “Travelers of Time” and “Insania” alongside obvious forthcoming single “War Horns” providing easy bait for those who have never heard an Angra song before. Again, this isn’t a bad thing because the charm aesthetic of Angra’s lengthy career is still fully intact. But for those wanting something more challenging akin to, say, Temple of Shadows, the listening experience here may prove slightly disappointing.


Straightforward or not, Ømni revels in its appreciation for all things bombastic and ambitious, and the one aspect that demonstrates this the most is Lione’s vocal powerhouse. Whilst he doesn’t seem to be the most suitable choice for Angra’s usual brand of progressive noodling and complex song structures, he still pulls it off. Perhaps he could’ve been stronger and more convincing on “Travelers of Time” and certainly “Always More”, but this is more than made up for by the excellent vocal duet within “Black Widow’s Web” and the closing two-part title track (particularly the first part, entitled “Silence Inside). Of course, as with any Angra album, the musicianship is a consistent positive boon, and its encouraging to know that all of Bittencourt’s effort has translated well into his driving albeit powerful guitar work. The solos in opener “Light of Transcendence” and thunderous grooves of “Magic Mirror” prove that the budding guitarist hasn’t lost his touch.

Angra have demonstrated they’re still around with Ømni, and with a stronger and more consistent delivery from Fabio Lione, the next record should render Angra once again head and shoulders above their peers. Even if this is never the case, either due to to the sheer complexity of Angra’s musicianship or that the band aren’t as active as they once were, Ømni should be enough for those who have stuck with the band’s legacy since day one.


Released: February 16th, 2018



  1. Light of Transcendence
  2. Travelers of Time
  3. Black Widow’s Web
  4. Insania
  5. The Bottom of My Soul
  6. War Horns
  7. Caveman
  8. Magic Mirror
  9. Always More
  10. Ømni-Silence Inside
  11. Ømni-Infinite Nothing



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