Whipstriker – Merciless Artillery

There are some musicians who have crafted several different projects and have never changed their musical focus since day one. This can safely be applied to Brazil’s Whipstriker, whose reputation of wearing his influences obviously on his sleeve precedes him. He hasn’t been in the music business for as long as you’d think, but with already 29 releases under his belt (although mostly consisting of singles and EPs), the idea that he’s still creating music in the same vein as his very first full-length seems mundane.


Fortunately, the latest effort by Whipstriker (the project, not the man himself), entitled Merciless Artillery pulls absolutely no punches. The core influences are there from the get-go: The opening title track wastes no time in delivering chaotic riffs and speedy, convictive flair, melodic solos and venomous vocal bile bringing to mind Bathory’s earlier days in the darkest recesses of Sweden. The whole album just edges over the 30-minute mark but even then it’s hard not to salivate more of the same, as “Calm After Destruction” and “Mantas’ Black Mass” (the only song on the album reportedly not to be based on themes of war) become convictive, menacing acts of violence in just over three minutes each. The album’s second half however does seem to dwell in tried-and-tested tropes and it’s clear at this point that if you’re not so into this brand of simplistic blackened thrash, you’ll find yourself hovering over the skip button by the time “Soldier of Sodom” comes around.


Nonetheless, Merciless Artillery does its job well enough and although it’s often disguised as a mere portrayal of the bleak, extreme metal scene coursing throughout the 80s, it becomes more meaningful when you experience the flat-out frenzied delivery of (vocalist) Whipstriker and his instrumental menace. Certainly a record to listen to when simply sitting on your own and guzzling Jack Daniels isn’t enough. Not quite for those who are after complex, forward-thinking blackened thrash.



Released: 23rd December, 2017


1. Merciless Artillery

2. Rape of Freedom

3. Calm After Destruction

4. Mantas’ Black Mass

5. Soldier of Sodom

6. Warspell

7. Enemies Leather

8. Bestial Hurricane



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