Aeonian Sorrow – Into the Eternity, A Moment We Are

For doom connoisseurs around the world there’s a general feeling of over saturation when it comes to new, break through acts. It seems that if you’re not one of those veteran, already established doomscapes there’s little chance that you’ll make leaps in terms of popularity in your early(er) days. Largely it’s an unfair assumption that if you’re new to the game you simply won’t make the same headway as the genre’s heavyweights. The likes of Shape Of Despair or Eye Of Solitude are instantly recognizable, carried by their own signature sounds within the genre’s niche. Despite this, listeners should definitely be more open to trying new experiences, even if that new sound directly influences the established bands mentioned above.

Aeonian Sorrows ‘Into the Eternity, A Moment We Are’ is a melodic take on the death/doom style, without conforming to cliche of genre hopping, blackgazing trends circling a stagnating metal community. Since forming in 2015, it took two and a half years before we actually got a glimpse into Aeonian Sorrow’s musical soul. The debut single, “Forever Misery” hinted at the oppressively darkened melodic doom that lived off a somewhat funeralistic soundscape. The result is haunting, beautiful but admittedly, done before. It’s for this reason the track finds itself opening the band’s debut record, almost three years after the group’s formation.

‘Into the Eternity, A Moment We Are’  continues largely in the same moods set by the album opener. But it’s the vocal interplay between Gogo Melone (cleans) and Alejandro Lotero (death growls) that lays on a foundation of death/doom that really ‘makes’ an album like this. The contrast between the two obviously contrasting elements define the Aeonian Sorrow sound, lifting this debut piece tentatively to the levels of the genre’s heavyweights, just at the moment without the instantaneous success rate. ‘Into the Eternity, A Moment We Are’ is balanced, with each section highlighting the next. It’s less a matter of the group’s individual parts and more of a complete band effort. Each instrumental facet combines, highlighting Aeonian Sorrow’s bigger picture. It’s a portrait of doom, painted with lush strokes.


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released March 28, 2018

Alejandro Lotero – Vocals
Gogo Melone – Vocals / Keyboards / Songwriting
Taneli Jämsä – Guitars
Pyry Hanski – Bass
Saku Moilanen – Drums

*Guest guitars and arrangements on Track 3 by Jarno Salomaa (Shape of Despair).

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