Damnation 2018 announces first four bands

Rapidly expanding its popularity amongst UK extreme metal fans, Leeds-based one-day festival Damnation has announced the first four bands to appear on its roster later this year at the beginning of November.

Fans of extreme progressive metal will already be salivating when they learn that Ihsahn is to appear at the festival, playing one of two UK exclusives at the event in November. This will likely be one of the tour dates to support the release of the former Emperor mainman’s latest solo effort, entitled ámr, released this month via Candlelight Records. Ihsahn’s growing success over the last decade or so has been largely based on his wilingness to take extreme metal into ever further aeons, creating progressive textures and combining them with a still gritty, menacing vibe which has undoubtedly attracted larger and larger clusters of fans from the extreme metal world.

The second brilliant announcement comes in the form of Batushka, a rapidly growing black metal group from Poland who have lately become the attention of many extreme metal fans worldwide. With their elaborately disturbing and secretive live sets, Batushka have now become renowned as one of the most enticing and promising live acts from Europe, providing food for thought with the full performance of sole full-length effort Litourgiya, itself a brilliant studio album when heard without any outside distractions. This, like Ihsahn, is also a UK exclusive, but those of you who have witnessed the band’s excellent live shows in the UK will already know what everyone is in store for when the Polish black metal marvels play Damnation later this year.

Expansive and post-metal German giants The Ocean and crusty, grimy grindcore menaces Fukpig are the other two bands to be announced. The Ocean have seemingly been out of play for a while, its members having done work in other acts and side projects but naturally never forgetting what brilliant work was done with The Ocean. In the past the band have brought their adventurous musical scope on the road with the likes of Devin Townsend Project, Meshuggah and a little later to the festivasl circuit, playing Tech-fest and garnering the attention of a much bigger fanbase as a result. Fukpig have also been out of the game for a while, but are clearly glad to have been announced to perform at one of the UK’s finest extreme metal festivals.

Damnation 2018 takes place at Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 3rd. With a line-up as excellent as this already announced, it would be wise for those who have even a passing interest to get their tickets as soon as possible. Already the festival has sold 200 tickets, and that’s a hell of a lot more than any other year Damnation has taken place! If you want to see the likes of Ihsahn and Batushka and not have to travel any further than the UK to see both bands live, hit the Damnation website and book your place:

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