Anaal Nathrakh announce new album

British grindcore/Industrial/black metal enthusiasts Anaal Nathrakh have announced the release of the band’s upcoming tenth full-length effort, to be entitled A New Kind of Horror. The album is scheduled to be released on 28th September via Metal Blade records. Unsurprisingly, vocalist Dave Hunt has been brutally honest about the album’s general tone in saying that “This is not a happy album”. Well, considering the other nine full-lengths of Anaal Nathrakh, this isn’t anything new. But it’s good to hear that currently one of the most narcissistic extreme metal groups are still, well, narcissistic, this can only be spectacular news.


Recently Anaal Nathrakh have dabbled deeper and deeper with cleaner industrial sweeps, colliding with an already frenzied and abrasive extreme metal sound which never fails to rear its ugly head. The band are surely looking for that sweet spot where extreme metal, soaring vocal wails and the gritty industrialized menace unite as one filthy albeit immediate musical aspect. The previous album, The Whole of the Law, demonstrated this brilliantly though didn’t quite register anything new in the Anaal Nathrakh camp. So the burning question remains, will A New Kind of Horror embark a new musical direction for the band, or will it be a logical progression of a style which Anaal Nathrakh fansare surely used to by now? Whatever it is, it’s destined to be enjoyable.



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