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Do you think you have what it takes to work in the world of music journalism, where the only rewards you get is from your peers and your own self-esteem? Can you handle the pressure of deadlines, or being on top of the world’s freshest music? The Sonic Sensory has positions available.

What the position involves?

Whilst writing reviews, publishing interviews and news items (all of which will be considered at a professional level). A staff member of The Sonic Sensory you will have access to releases before their release date, and will be expected to contribute by yourself and as a cohesive team member.

Our staff have a minimum of three (3) posts per month, which is monitored by the site’s editors and admins.

All our posts are double checked by the site’s editing team and can be changed without notice.

You’ll need both an active email as well as a working Facebook account. (This allows you access to our top-secret staff page)

Whilst the position is unpaid, we will give credit where credit is due. (References, thesis recommendations, and other positional recommendations)

Reviewers are also expected to maintain a high site presence, cover a majority of new releases and (strictly) exclusively post only at The Sonic Sensory i.e. no double posting.

Those seeking this position need only apply to:

When you apply, it would suit our needs to hear:

How you found the site, your musical preferences (genres, bands etc.), If you have any questions, and anything else you would like to add. Feel free to post any prior reviews or interviews you have done, because this will aid you in acquiring this position.

If you feel that you have what it takes to run for a site editing position, feel free to request that in your application.


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