We Want Your Music


That’s right, we want you! Are you a band/artist/performer/distributor/label or PR company trying to get a little more exposure? If so, you could have your albums and EP’s reviewed. Maybe your somebody with new release news, stream information, a label trying to get the word out that a new record on the way? We want to know about it! Add us to your mailing lists and let us write the article to promote the music.

So if you’re after a little more exposure submit your links, information and album to:

You should also note that while we offer these services it’s physically impossible to listen to everything sent in. There is also a point to be made in pointing out that this is a ‘metal’ focused webzine and due diligence should be used before sending us your music. Lazy press/promo sheets and “please listen to my mixtape” will often end in a deleted email.

We accept Bandcamp codes, name your price, mediafire, dropbox, iPool, Haulix – –  you name it! You should also mention if you’re available for interview, it’s a great way to get your name out! Don’t be shy, we want to hear from you!

If you have any concerns or inquiries, feel free to send them to the above email address.


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